Savvy Succulents


We had a client who was interested in enhancing his outdoor space. He traveled extensively for work and wanted decoration that needed minimal maintenance. We loved the idea of a succulent wall. Unfortunately, live succulents have to be regularly watered. We realized we would need an alternative to live plants and turned to our genius friends at SILK to create some incredible realistic imitations. They have the best selection of imitation plants and flowers we’ve ever seen! Once SILK finished our succulents we needed something to place them on. We used a plastic plant crate and attached a piece of coorugated metal to it. We attached the succulents via galvanized hanging wire and viola! The result was a no-hassle decoration that added vibrancy to the outdoor space.




This project was extremely cost-effective due to the use of materials we already had. The only elements we had to pay for were the imitation succulents. If you’re like us and live in a very sunny climate,¬†you know that droughts can really effect your outdoor space. Not only was our succulent wall maintenance-free, but it also required no water!¬†Another benefit to using silk plants is that they are sun-resistant and will stand the test of time. This project is so easy and it’s not limited to a wall installation. You can pot these imitation succulents and keep them indoors or out. For those of us without a green thumb or an abundance of rain, this is the type of outdoor decor that’s perfect for you!


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