IKEA – Our Picks


IKEA is well known for it’s vast, stylish selection at very affordable prices. Countless designers pepper their high end design schemes with IKEA pieces. Living in San Diego, we are lucky to have a store in our backyard, and we seem to have an excuse to go weekly. We are constantly amazed at the products IKEA puts out – they are versatile, well-made, trendy, and inexpensive. Almost every project we are involved with requires a trip to IKEA, and the best part after weaving through aisles, sorting through hundreds of products, and waiting in long lines is the $1 vanilla cone. It’s our dirty little secret… :) :) Here are some of our top picks to help you in your search. Click the images for details.

eivor-throw-assorted-colors__0131072_PE285539_S4 holmsel-chair-gray__0214225_PE369942_S4 sittning-bowl__0374014_PE552369_S4ranarp-work-lamp-white__0210382_PE363789_S4elly-dish-towel-white__36884_PE128154_S4  sittning-serving-spoon-set-of-black__0374068_PE552338_S4rundlig-serving-bowl-white__0177459_PE330451_S4



Images Courtesy of IKEA


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