Globe Lighting


As soon as summer hits, backyard party season has officially begun! One of the best ways to transform your outdoor space from basic to awe-inspiring is through outdoor lighting. Globe lighting is a perfect and easy way to create ambiance in your space. You’ve probably seen globe lights in posh restaurants, trendy rooftop bars, outdoor cafes and in all the shelter magazines. We love the way globe lights bask the surrounding space with a soft glow. They can be strung horizontally, criss-crossed, looped around fixtures, lined on fencing, or draped on trees. Restoration Hardware has their own version of these lights that are on special right now for $32/strand and are available here.






However, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative then look no further than your local Target. Target’s globe lights are a bargain at only $14.99/strand and are available in 3 colors. They’re available¬†for purchase here. We own the Target version ourselves and they’ve really stood the test of time. If you want your lighting to be as low-maintenance as possible, simply place the lights on a timer so that they automatically turn on when the sun goes down. Add some solar-powered lanterns to your tables and along pathways¬†for additional lighting. Fresh flowers always add a nice touch and don’t forget the music!


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