We launched 2 Doors Down in the summer of 2009, but our story actually began 6 years before. Soon after moving to the same neighborhood, with her new baby boy in tow, Sabrina knocked on Heather’s door to introduce herself as her neighbor who lived….2 Doors Down (a name they later conceived on a family camping trip). Heather was pregnant at the time they met, and when a few weeks later her son arrived, Sabrina gifted them with an adorable black onesie. That was the beginning of our bestie friendship, which has been filled with fun & laughter for over a decade. Our two families, fondly referred to as “The Parsons” (a blend of our two last names), have now expanded since our meeting back in 2003. The nine of us even commemorate “Black Onesie Day” each year with a special activity or celebration.

Through five kids, dozens of birthday parties, hundreds of carpools, thousands of diapers, and millions of squishy hugs, we still found time for our shared love of fashion and décor. During those years while we were in the trenches with our broods, we continued to indulge our passion with several creative design projects. Between crazy nap schedules and microscopically short preschool days, we recovered and repainted anything not bolted down, we thrifted and antiqued our way through Southern California, we restyled our own homes too many times to count, and we even managed to design an entire house from top-to-bottom.  So, after many years, and with all 5 of the kiddos in school, we decided to take the leap into launching an interior design business. It was one of the best decisions we ever made. We love the whole design process – from dressing up for photo shoots on the “big reveal” days to the not-so-glamorous days in sweats and trucker hats schlepping items for an installation. And here we find ourselves…a decade after what started as a hobby working on the homes of friends and family has now blossomed into a full-fledged interior design business! We feel so lucky to spend each day doing what we love and we look forward to billions of happy clients!